Infrastructure project implemented in Estate

under Industrial policy of state Govt.

Following infrastructure projects (CIP) sanctioned under Industrial policy of state Govt. have been implemented in the estate. Since inception these all projects are being maintained by GLIA.   

1. Water supply project

Project of 8 MLD cap. was established in year 2010. The estate has been receiving drinking water from Narmada pipeline (NC-20) sanctioned by GWSSB.

2. Road widening and strengthening

Project was established in year 2009/2010. Under project 40 Kms Bituminous concrete roads comprises 22 Kms of DL and 18 Kms of SL have been made available in the estate.

To improve the surface of existing roads they were resurfaced in year 2019 under AII scheme.

3. Street light project

Project was erected in year 2009, comprises 1700+ street light pole with CFL / T-5 tube.

The replacement of existing lighting fixture by LED is under progress.

4. Storm water drainage.

This project was established in year 2012, for disposal of rainy water from estate.

5. Road signage board

In estate to indicate direction of road and plot no. etc the facility of road signage board (ACP) is created under this project in year 2017.